• Transitioning to Retirement

Retirement case study example

Our client was considering retiring within the next five years and sought our help in formulating their financial planning to provide assurance and clarity as they transitioned to their non-working life and the exciting years ahead of them.

They had built up considerable assets within Pensions but had found that these had become quite fragmented due to the various schemes they had set up throughout their working life.

Our client had also built up significant capital reserves within cash accounts and a sizeable investment portfolio held within ISAs but due to their busy lifestyle and other priorities that had taken hold, found that they had not been reviewed for a considerable length of time.

Upon appointing PAS Financial Planning, by working with the client we were able to understand what their ideal lifestyle looked like, their income requirements in retirement and what was important to them.

In turn, this gave the client direction and clarity on their financial planning and helped to quantify their income requirements whilst also ensuring their investments corresponded to the level of risk that was appropriate for their circumstances.

Our ongoing review service gave the client peace of mind that the strategy we had implemented continued to fulfil their requirements and allowed them to plan their forthcoming transition to retirement.