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    We work with individuals or couples who wish to develop an ongoing relationship with an adviser

Our aim is to provide structure, support and care

PAS Financial Planning work with individuals or couples who wish to develop an ongoing relationship with an adviser. Our aim is to provide structure, support and care with the overarching aim of giving you the freedom and independence to live life.

You may have significant wealth which can create questions which is where all our clients were positioned at the initial stages of our support. As such, we know our clients highly value the reassurance, trust and values we offer in client care.

We adopt a formulated and strategic approach to financial planning combined with our ability and desire to adapt our services to meet your individual needs helping you plan, create and maintain a lifestyle you desire.

You will have significant decisions to make about your pensions, investments and financial future. These decisions may require specialist knowledge and expertise to ensure your financial affairs are overseen in an accurate and efficient manner.

We offer advice that you can depend on; giving you structure and clarity to aid effective financial planning over your lifetime. This gives you the freedom to focus on the things that are most important to you, knowing that you can trust us to protect your interests.

We relish building long-term relationships and seeing our work help you prosper and accomplish both your objectives and your desired lifestyle.

We encourage prospective clients to visit our office to ensure they are comfortable with our set up and the investment proposition we offer. Contact us to arrange this so that we can answer your questions and allow you to consider if we meet your requirements.

Alternatively, take a look below at various examples of familiar client situations with which we are presented.

Transitioning to Retirement

We specialise in Pension and Retirement Planning and understand the needs of individuals who are approaching retirement or those who have already retired.

Recently Widowed

We understand the emotional impact a bereavement of a loved one can have and are here to provide support and advice and to give clarity and assurance.

Planning for Inheritance

We can provide guidance and surety with regard to Estate Planning and our aim is to ensure that you are protected whilst enabling you to leave a lasting legacy for your chosen beneficiaries.

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